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At Beorn’s Apiary, we aim to practice exceptional husbandry of our honeybee friends.  Western North Carolina has large numbers of beekeepers.  But not all really pay attention to the important details of beekeeping.  There are a multitude of challenges facing today’s honeybees including the Varroa Mites, nutritional issues, as well as pesticides.

We are a treatment-based apiary focusing on managing the various honeybee pests using IPM to keep healthy colonies that represent a more sustainable form of beekeeping.  We also believe in good recordkeeping so that we have a historical record concerning the colonies of bees in the apiary.

"Bright as a sunflower."
Keith Stiles Inspecting a Hive
Keith inspects a beehive.

Successful beekeepers take the time to learn.  Learning comes in the form of reading, working with a mentor beekeeper, joining both a local and state beekeeping club, and paying attention to what your hives are telling you.  There is nothing better than observation to tell you when you have looming issues in your bee colonies.

Our Products

Learn more about some of the products currently available as well as products with future availability.


Wildflower Honey

We offer a high quality wildflower honey forage by the bees from native wildflowers and domesticated local flowers.


Local Queens

These queens were raised from our diverse stock of bees including Caucasian, Carniolan, VHS Italian, and Russian bees. These queens are hybrids well adjusted to our climate.


Nucleus Colonies

Intermittently each spring, we will have a small number of nucleus colonies. These colonies may be either five-frame medium or five-frame deep nucs.

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