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Our mission

The European Honeybee (Apis mellifera) came to the United States as part of the colonization of the country.  Generations of beekeepers have built on the knowledge of great innovators like the Rev. Lorenzo Langstroth and entrepreneur, Amos Ives Root.  According to the National Honey Report produced by Bee Culture magazine, the total production of honey in 2019 totaled 157 million pounds.  The yield per colony was roughly 55.8 pounds.  And there were 2.81 million colonies in production.

In North Carolina, there were roughly 14,000 colonies in operation in 2019.  North Carolina is also home to the largest beekeeping association in the United States, the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association.  In our state, many beekeepers carry on a family tradition of beekeeping.  So it was in our family as my great-grandfather was a beekeeper.  The beekeeping tradition skipped two generations until it was taken up by me and my first cousin in this generation.

Our mission at Beorn’s Apiary is to provide exceptional husbandry for our thousands of busy worker bees, produce quality honey for our patrons, and produce quality nucs and queens for perpetuating the tradition to more beekeepers.


Our products

Check out our online shop for honey, nucleus colonies, and replacement queen honeybees. Nucs and Queens are seasonally available.


8 oz. Classic Queenline Glass Jar of Wildflower Honey.

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2 lb. Classic Queenline Glass Jar of Wildflower Honey.

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1-lb Queenline Jar of Wildflower Honey

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“The first step to becoming a successful beekeeper is to learn as much as you can about the bees themselves. Beehives require management and good stewardship, which take time.”
Anna Moribaldi honey lover

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Beorn's Apiary is abuzz with bees and activity! Check out the latest news and events in our image gallery and see for yourself.


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our products

Learn more about our products made from our diverse apiary filled with multiple races of honeybees.


Wildflower Honey

Our wildflower honey is honey produced from a variety of domesticated and wildflowers as foraged by bees. These may include clovers, milkweeds, and more.

Worker Honeybee

Nucleus Colonies

A Nucleus colony is a starter colony with a laying queen and five frames of bees, brood, and food stores. They are a great way to establish a new colony quickly as they start with at least five frames of drawn comb and a productive queen. Our nucs are seasonally available in both deep and medium nucs.

Queen Honeybee

Queen Honeybees

A replacement honeybee queen is used when your hive is hopelessly queenless or you need to replace an aging, failing queen. These mated queens come in a queen cage with a few attendants and contain a candy plug. Our replacement queens are seasonally available.

Drone Honeybee


As a Journeyman Beekeeper part of the the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association Master Beekeeper Program, we offer free mentoring to new beekeepers.